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StemFit Explained, an Overview of the Synergy of All Ingredients
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Explaining Young Tissue Extract & Acemannan
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Explaining EGCG, Shark, Marine Minerals
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Engineered for Athlete Extremes, so It Works for All of us.

StemFit Active Ingredients are a Perfect Blend of Super Foods

Norway's Young Tissue Extract is Proto-Embryonic Stage Extract

The Young Tissue Extract from incubated fertilized hen eggs in stemFit Active™ contains signaling peptides that activate and direct adult stem cells to heal and repair. These special proteins fortify the body against degeneration, raise the production of the youth hormone DHEA and have a profound effect on lowering excessive cortisol levels. These combined effects dramatically increase the recovery rate after physical exercise and sports participation.
With aging and high stress, the level of these signal peptides declines.

Not found in any other food sources; they are abundant in our Young Tissue Extract. These signal peptides turn on your DNA switches for health and turn off your DNA switches of accelerated degeneration of your body's cells. Being able to perform better in sports activities and fitness training, it is necessary to keep a high level of these signal peptides.

Athletes at every level of performance put high demands on their metabolism.

StemFit Active™ contains EGCG, a super antioxidant that helps mediate oxidative stress. It enhances metabolism, helps balance glucose levels, increases fat oxidation, and aids in weight management. The body demands minerals for every cellular function.

StemFit Active™ contains a plant-sourced Marine Mineral Complex that is up to 97% absorbable. It gets the minerals to the cells in the quantity and form that is optimal for utilization. These minerals have been shown in clinical studies to reverse bone loss within a year especially when incorporated with load-bearing sports such as basketball, volleyball, jogging, and soccer.

The latest in advanced whole undenatured food technology

Glyconutrients (biological sugars) extracted from the inner leaf of fresh Aloe Vera have been extensively researched and shown
to facilitate optimal cellular function, production and communication. The healing properties of our Glyconutrients is so efficacious, it supports the athlete's immune system, balances blood sugars and cholesterol levels to normal ranges, has amazing wound healing properties, and is a super antioxidant.

stemFit Active™ contains a unique Marine Protein that helps reduce pain by reducing inflammation generated by athletes repetitive use of muscles and joints. It protects joint lubricating fluids and cartilage, and facilitates the absorption of nutrients.

Based on Clinical Research in Sports Medicine and Nutritional science

What does an athlete need that the rest of us don't? Nothing! Athletes just require a lot more of it. Why?
When they train and compete, they push themselves to extremes. They need to train their core right down to the cellular level. Athletes withstand and endure extreme stress, both physical and psychological – while achieving optimal performance.
stemFit Active™ is a unique sports nutrition product that not only assists the body to achieve optimal peak performance, it repairs, rejuvenates and restores the body on all levels back to a balanced state of (homeostasis).

The body has its own innate intelligence to heal and repair. stemFit Active™ gives you the growth factors, amino acids, biological sugars, minerals and antioxidants you need at the cellular level for an optimal state of wellness and sports performance.

Some of us have been looking all our lives for diets, supplements or nutritional therapies

         that have a major impact, that can shift our body from a declining, degenerative state to a Regenerative state where the body starts to rebuild and rebalance. Using these methods, it can be very difficult, depending upon how advanced a condition is, to reverse this process of degeneration. StemFit is a totally unique product that can help reverse this degenerative decline into a regenerative spiral upwards. It has Functional Whole, UN-Denatured foods in it; Marine protein (from Shark Cartilage) and Plant Protein extracts (from Aloe and Green Tea) and an extract from a fertilized INCUBATED egg from an organically raised hen, taken at the exact hour on the ninth day of incubation, when the life inside the egg is at its maximum; just as the Stem Cells of the egg begin to form beaks, bones and feathers.

        People want to know; why does it work in the body? Why are people getting such amazing results? These are results that can be within days. People that were depressed are no longer depressed. They sleep better. They have more energy. Their intestines work better. They digest better. Pain is reduced. A Broad Array of Benefits occur. So, in a sense this operates as an Adaptogen. StemFit is not specific for any one problem. It's pretty much good for all problems. The question is why? Why is it helping so many different problems?

        Here's how it works. These protein extracts have what are called 'Fibroblast Growth Factors' in them. These Peptides act as signal molecules, or Protein chains that inform or tell dormant stem cells to reactivate in your body. It's Instructions, like a software program that instructs the stem cells that are dormant in your body, the stem cells that are attached to damaged areas in your body. If you have an injury in your shoulder, there are dormant stem cells attached there or in your liver, your blood vessels or your brain; Anywhere you've had some damage or degeneration. It could be something other than physical trauma. It could be just gradual chemical or toxin damage to tissues. Anywhere you find those damaged tissues, you find stem cells.

        But as we age, those stem cells are dormant. They are not active. They are not getting instructions about what to do. These growth factors are the instructions. The growth factors are in the Embryonic Fluid of the fertile incubated hen's egg that is about to become a full-blown chick. So there is obviously an enormous amount of energy and information in these nucleic acids. So when you take StemFit, you are activating your stem cells to repair and regenerate. It can be any area of the body. If you have an injury; if you are exhausted - your adrenals and thyroid are weak; If your immune system is weak; if you have skin problems; if you have eyesight problems. Virtually any place in your body that needs help will be benefited by taking StemFit.

The Secret to ReGenerative Health

What is StemFit? ®     StemFit® helps REGENERATE AGING CELLS while completely nourishing unhealthy cells, supporting their restoration to their original state. Your body has it's own repair mechanism, the physical ability to REGENERATE CELLS, REPLACING YOUR OWN DAMAGED CELLS. This repair mechanism is alive and well when we were younger, but falters as we age. StemFit® UNLEASHES THIS POWERFUL REPAIR MECHANISM INSIDE ALL OF US. It will keep your entire family not only healthy, but helps them become physically, mentally and emotionally stronger.

    All natural StemFit® Contains Young Tissue Extract - THE ONLY KNOWN SOURCE OF FGF in adults . Research credits FGF with IMPROVING NEURON FUNCTIONS in your brain, increasing amino acids and peptides in your cells and assigning the proper STEM CELLS to RESTORE YOUR BODY'S ORGANS BACK TO THEIR ORIGINAL STATE. In layman terms, FGF REPROGRAMS ADULT STEM CELLS and amino acids in your body, which make up your natural repair tools, to travel to the areas that need it most. Once there, these repair tools have the ability to integrate themselves with that particular body part. Their mission then becomes to REPAIR AND REGENERATE THE STEM CELLS AND TISSUE IN THAT LOCATION, WHEREVER IT IS IN THE BODY. As long as the FGF is there, our body's repair mechanisms can be instructed to facilitate the REPAIR OF WHATEVER PART OF THE BODY THAT NEEDS THE MOST REHABILITATION. This explains why StemFit® has demonstrated a wide range of benefits for different people in varying parts of the body.


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